Sunday, July 29, 2012

11 tools - tool 6

I decided to try a few of the social commenting tools from the list SBISD provided.
My first was Voicethread.   Using Voicethread, group conversations are created and shared with anyone around the world. These collaborative slideshows allow navigation and participants can leave comments in 5 different ways.
I began began by searching for "autism". I found that there were multiple slideshows created by others on the subject of Autism and a few created to use with students with Autism. One I really liked and could see myself using in a classroom was the following on emotions, created by Chris:

I then decided to try to create my own.  I chose to upload a powerpoint presentation I created that explains the differences between student schedules and work systems.  I didn't make any changes or updates, just created to test the process.  It was soooo easy!  Here is that product:

I must admit, I'm not sure about how useful the "commenting" will be for my students, but I do see this as a great tool for creating lessons for my kiddos!  I also see where it could be an amazing tool for collaborating with other special education teachers!  I plan to explore this product much more in depth.  I have already seen multiple presentations that I want to comment on, use with my kids, and share with other educators!

After Voicethread, I attempted to check out multiple other tools from the 11tools list.  I tried Edmodo, but it requires a school code.  I am awaiting that code so I can see what it's all about.  I then attempted to use Todaysmeet.  I could create a meeting, but I do not see any purposeful way to use this for my particular class or field.  I then checked out Coveritlive, but it kept directing me to ESPN sites on the Olympics and I didn't see how to make comments and other things.  In addition, once again, I didn't see any purposeful use for my class.  I finally tried Wallwisher.  This is a pretty simple message board.  I do not see a use for my kiddos, but it is a cool tool.   Here is the quick wall I made in an attempt to figure out a way it might be of use in a classroom for my kids:

I also uploaded a few items into googledocs.  I can see this as being useful in maintaining communication with team members and therapists that work in the classroom.  We can create data sheets, ABC logs, etc and keep the dialogue going to make sure everyone is informed on student progress.

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