Saturday, July 28, 2012

11 tools - tool 5

Using Web 2.0
I had heard of, used, or seen quite a few of the tools mentioned in the post.  I decided to attempt a couple of new ones as ideas for things my students could use in the classroom or I could use to create lessons/activities for them.
My first attempt was with TikaTok, a book creating tool.  I thought maybe this would be useful for kids to create simple sentences using a repeated format.  They could create color books, concept books, etc.  It was easy to join and the book was easy to begin.  However, once I began the process of creating pages, I found that their included clipart was bizarre and barely useful for anything and to upload your own photos you had to go through 6 different steps (upload, find folder, find picture, click on picture, click upload).  I believe this is too complicated for my students.  I did spend the time to create a short example of an application for the tool.  In the end, I also realized that the only way to share the work is to purchase the book you created.  I do not see this as useful in the class.  Here is a link to the very short, very basic book I created. (as a note, I did get to upload this into my Google Drive and share it that way - very exciting!)
Sports Book

My second attempt was with Wordle.  I have seen many of these and wondered if I could use them with my students.  I tried to make a wordle that had sight words listed multiple times.  I could use this to quiz students (touch the word stop), or have them practice reading words.  However, I never could get the Wordle to show any word more than 1 time!  I looked through the FAQ's and they provided no help.  I will continue to play with this tool because I do think it could be a cool resource for my kiddos.  Here is my simple
Wordle: edmark

My third tool was Animoto.  I LOVED IT!!!  It was easy to upload pictures into and extremely easy to navigate.  I think it could be used with my students to create short videos to show a sequence of skills, create a task analysis, or even kids could use to put together videos of their schoolday!  I am excited about this one. I created a quick video of pictures of me and my husband through the years.  Man have we changed!!!

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

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