Sunday, July 29, 2012

11 tools - tool 11

What an amazing training this has been.  This is possibly the most useful information I've ever received through a self-paced assignment!  I found many new tools I had not used before and am excited about using in my new classroom!  Animoto is possibly one of my favorites, though i think I'll have to get a paid for account because I'm going to want to do videos that are longer than 30 seconds!  I'm excited to have finally learned how to create my own Blog, which after these assignments I plan to continue to use to post activities, schedules, PECS, work box ideas, etc with fellow teachers.  I am excited to have learned how to use Google docs.  So much better than e-mailing everything!  The list is endless and I will be referencing the 11 tools blog links a lot!!!

I'm not sure any of this training has transformed my thinking, but it has helped develop the ideas I've had and did not know how to accomplish! 

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