Friday, July 27, 2012

11 tools - tool 3

Inserting videos into your post!  How exciting.  Because I teach all subjects, I find that MANY video sites are useful for my needs.  I love using Discovery videos to bring concepts to life.  I also use brainpop on a fairly regular basis.  Today I discovered that if you search for "video modeling" and "autism" on youtube, there are tons of videos I could use to teach kids specific skills.
Here are some videos I could use with students or to plan my instruction.

Kate Ahern at "Teaching learners with multiple special needs", one of my favorite blogs,  makes FABULOUS videos in slideshare.  Here is one of her videos on recipes:
craft recipe book

Autismvideomodeling on youtube has MULTIPLE videos to model appropriate skills for students with autism.  Here is one modeling appropriate greeting skills. . . 
Here is another showing appropriate bathroom routine procedures.
In this assignment I was asked to think about fair use and copyright laws.  I must admit, I have trouble with this one.  As an educator who loves to share work, I forget at times that credit is due to those who share with me!  I must ensure I am careful to credit any person or site that I borrow information and videos from. I must also figure out how much I am willing to allow others to borrow from me! 

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