Friday, July 27, 2012

11 tools - tool 1

My first blog post!!  I am excited about this assignment as I have often been told I needed to start a blog to share my ideas and lessons with other special education teachers.  I look forward to being able to connect with others and share ideas!
To introduce myself to everyone, I am Erin Stevenson-Bennett.  I am the new APPLE teacher at Northbrook Middle School.  I've been a special education teacher for the last 13 years.  I taught in Georgia for 12 of those years in self-contained classes for kids with low incidence disabilities.  I also spent my time in Georgia as the director of Project START, a summer program that provided Extended School Year and Summer Camp in the same setting!  I moved to Texas to be closer to family and moved to SBISD to be close to home.  I am so excited to begin this year with my new Knight family!!!
Creating this blog has been extremely easy.  I feel the directions from 11 tools are clear and concise and that the blog dashboard is easy to navigate!
I look forward to posting more and learning how to include content, links, and pictures.  I also look forward to learning how to connect to other blogs and sites that I follow frequently.


  1. Welcome Erin. Look forward to meeting you:)

  2. Welcome to Northbrook Erin!! We will see you soon!

  3. I am so excited to have you here! We are glad you are joining the NMS Team! Your enthusiasm is fantastic! I think your content area is such an established section on the internet, you guys will probably be able to learn and share a lot of great ideas and info!!